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  • Mar272022

    Meet Katarina, a committed and communicative Director of Cyber ​​Implementations Services

    We have taken the opportunity to get to know Katarina better.

  • Feb152022

    Protect your organizations senior executives with Executive monitoring

    Learn about the threat landscape and why it’s harmful to executives…

  • Feb072022

    The Story of Paliscope Link Analytics

    What if we could make everything searchable? This is a blog post by Christian Berg, Deputy CEO of Paliscope.

  • Jan172022

    Four steps to secure digital evidence

    In this article, you’ll learn about four critical steps for securing digital evidence and what can go wrong if not done correctly.

  • Jan052022

    Scraping data from social media platforms

    Joseph Jones give his best advice about how to scrape data on social media platforms.

  • Jan032022

    When to switch from Excel to a more powerful investigation tool

    Five signs that show you should switch from Excel to a more powerful investigation tool.

  • Sep172021

    Anom and Encrochat – How to find useful information in 127 million messages

    Christian Bergs thoughts about Anom and EncroChat…

  • Sep092021

    This is the new Paliscope – Focus on turning insights into actions

    The two Swedish companies are now working together under the name Paliscope…

  • Jul122021

    Best practices for writing a digital forensics report

    We have spoken to Dario Beniamini about best practices for writing digital forensics reports…

  • May262021

    5 common challenges with digital investigations—and how to solve them

    Learn how to avoid the 5 most common challenges.

  • Apr222021

    Meet Martin Ekberg: A boundary pushing software engineer with an adventurous streak

    Learn more about what led Martin to the field of system development…

  • Mar192021

    Why working in YOSE will now feel like playing a cutting-edge video game

    How come you can play CS:GO and it floats along on the highest settings…