Approaching summer — a half-year summary from our CEO Rolf Rosenvinge

Approaching summer — a half-year summary from our CEO Rolf Rosenvinge
2022-07-08 Paliscope

It has been intense. We can feel the growth journey. We can also see it. The team is growing significantly, and the number of interactions with customers is increasing every month. As for any CEO trying to summarize, the place to start is obviously with our fantastic customers.

“We are very proud of working together with you on your critical missions. We know some of the tough problems you are solving, and we are happy to play a role in your success.”

We also learn a lot from you, and we are focusing on being your true innovation partner with rapid turn-around cycles when you have a new demand, request, or problem to solve.

So, with one leg in the Cyber domain and one in the Intelligence & Investigation domains, we believe we are building the insights you need and try to share them as frequently as possible. For example, we have delivered 8 CyberTalks podcast episodes, 14 informative blog posts, 18 webinars, and hosted a very well-received CISO Round Table on automation.

From a delivery standpoint, we have continued delivering key insights to our Cyber customers and supported several of them with large transformation programs and advanced analytics. On the product side, we have continued to build out our YOSE and Discovry platform with a completely new Comparative analysis module, redaction center in our Chat Analytics module, and DejavuAI-integration, just to name a few.

“The pace of innovation continues to be high, and we continue to work very closely with our clients to ensure we are solving the real problems.”

As an example, we are only weeks away from a truly game-changing geo-analytics module which we believe will be a key instrument for our customers and very much in line with our vision of taking very advanced technologies to the front lines of Law Enforcement and Intelligence.

Internally we have worked on our posture and secured a CE+ cyber security certification. We have also continued to hire our diverse team. We continue to hire management consultants, developers, UX designers, cyber security practitioners, political scientists, and intelligence analysts.

Interested? Now is an excellent time to join the band. Read more and find our open positions here.

With this, I wish our Customers, Partners, and Team a great summer and hopefully some well-deserved time off. And if you have a moment to reflect, please think of the people of Ukraine. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. We are trying to our piece. I am not ready to talk more in detail about this, but I am really proud of the Paliscope team!

Highlights of happenings during the first part of the year



  • YOSE 22.2 was released. This time, we took the opportunity to update the analytics engine—especially regarding loading and tracing intelligence.
  • We created a DejaVuAI Integration — a new image recognition technology that makes it possible to find objects and similar images like a human would, BUT at the speed of a computer.
  • We listened to our community and released Discovry 22.1. In this Discovry release, we’ve made it easier than ever to keep your case data in one place with a feature called “Documents.” Another new feature in Discovry 22.1 is Case Statistics, where you can see who is opening, closing, or importing cases and when.
  • Our Deputy CEO, Christian Berg, represented the Paliscope team at the INTERPOL Crimes Against Children Conference in Lyon. We got to show how our platform can help in the fight against sexual exploitation of children.



  • We were awarded the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, meaning we can assure our customers that Paliscope has the necessary controls to protect them against a range of the most common cyber-attacks and, importantly, that we take cyber security seriously.
  • We attended the EAFS conference — Europe’s biggest Forensic Science Event.
  • We arranged CISO´s round table in Stockholm, where Cody Cornell at Swimlane gave us his insights on how automation of security can help CISOs protect their organization. We also discussed ransomware attacks.


  • We started gathering data for a CISO report which will showcase the top of mind of the top CISOs in Sweden and the Nordics. We aim to publish the report in late Q3.
  • Discovry 22.2 was released where we focused on giving you greater control over how you access and use Discovry. In this update, we also made it possible to include sound during screen recordings directly in Discovry.
  • And finally, we released YOSE 22.3, which gives our users a new way to visualize geographical intelligence extracted in YOSE.

Altogether this has been a fantastic start to the year for us, and we can’t wait to continue developing our tools and services during the second part of the year.

We want to send a big thank you to our community, our customers, and all the stars working at Paliscope. Together we are making a real difference in the world!